is a national network of professionals dedicated to help you improve your bad credit and also to help you find the apartment, condominium or home that desire. It is the only national site of its kind with it primary goal is to assist individuals and families get a suitable place to live and prosper.

By filling out the form provided you will be on your way to not only acquiring a new place to reside but also improving your credit. You will receive the professional guidance and resources you need to achieve your goals in life. Having bad credit, rental debts, broken lease, evictions and other negative issues that affect your ability to lease a suitable apartment condominium or home can be compared to being sick all time. People who are constantly ill really should seek professional help to help them get better. This is the philosophy of We assist the forgotten part of the population the need a place to live and prosper. We help improve our communities by offering being a second chance, get back on their feet and contribute to society once again. Some individuals and families lack of credit, bad credit, broken lease or evictions have let them in a truly desperate situation. We who are affiliated with believe everyone should have a suitable place to live and prosper. We also believe that by helping people that are otherwise, overlooked, ignored and left behind we are helping to improve our communities, schools and country as a whole. We are dedicated to providing top notch service and making you feel comfortable with the entire process. We will offer you the utmost respect and wisdom to help achieve your goals. We are not here to pre-judge anyone. We will not treat like something less than you are. We offer our service to anyone who needs our assistance.  This service is designed to save you money and time.  We cover all the major cities in the United States.