Broken Lease Resources For Criminal Backgrounds not only offers resources for people with bad credit, brokenleases, evictions but also offer resources to those with criminal backgrounds. We have resources in the 15 largest metropolitan cities in United States. We work with felonies and misdemeanors and have helped thousands of people restart their lives. We are of the sincere belief those with criminal backgrounds deserve the opportunities offered by this great Republic. We believe people with criminal records, felonies or misdemeanors should not be scarred for the remainder of their lives. We all make mistakes. Young people in particular are easily influenced by what they see on televisions and the Internet including social media. What they are taught in these mediums can often get them into trouble with the law. We believe in compassion and understanding. If you do have a criminal background we can help you find the perfect apartment near you that will accept your application. We are here to help you avoid rejection and any embarrassment. We know apartments are willing to accept your application near you. There are several opportunities for you in the 15 largest metropolitan areas in United States. Do not let a criminal past haunt you. We are here to help. We truly look forward to helping you