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We Help With Broken Leases, Evictions, Bad Credit, Criminal Records

Broken leases, evictions, slow payments, bad credit, can make it extremely difficult being approved for apartments in Dallas and the surrounding areas. Brokenlease.com is a national resource offering second chance rentals that will approve your application. Poor rental history can be the result of not paying rent on time paying on time and not fulfilling the terms of your lease agreement. If this is the case most apartments in the Dallas area will not accept your application. If you were ever evicted this will be even more challenging to overcome. Evictions are similar to traffic violations. Similar to traffic violations which can affect your insurance rates for several years, evictions can affect your ability to lease an apartment for at least seven years. They are much more severe and taken more seriously than broken leases. We can provide a selection of apartments in the Dallas area accepting broken lease, evictions and truly bad credit.

There are several apartments in the Dallas metropolitan area offering second chance leasing to individuals with broken leases, evictions, low FICO scores and even criminal backgrounds. There are hundreds of apartments in the Dallas metropolitan area that accept people with challenging credit. Some of them are considered luxury apartments. Being aware of what your actual credit score is very important. If your credit score is 550 or better and you do not have any rental balances reported in your credit bureaus within the last two years and we can actually get you a very nice apartment and perhaps a great move in special. People with credit scores lower than 550 still get some very nice apartments. Knowing exactly what’s on your credit reports is vital to us providing the service you deserve.

Are you wondering how to find 2nd chance apartments that will approve your application? Fortunately, there are several second chance rentals in the Dallas area that will accept your application. Our team at Dallas Apartment Locators specialize finding apartments offering second chances even if you have a broken lease, history of slow pace, and eviction, misdemeanor or felony on your criminal background.

The city of Dallas is located in Dallas County in the great state of Texas. It has an estimated population of nearly 4 million people.  Dallas is the second largest and ninth largest city in the United States respectively. The vast number of apartments in the Dallas area helps provide a large selection of second chance apartments that will accept poor rental histories, bad credit, misdemeanors and felonies. Dallas Apartment Locators will offer you a selection of second chance rentals that will approve your application. We are here to circumvent the obstacles that prevent you from securing the apartments you deserve.

For obvious reasons most apartments in the Dallas area are very skeptical and unwilling to offer second chances people with bad credit, slow pays, evictions and broken leases. Our team of experts will eliminate all the stress and frustration you have been experiencing. There are several apartments in the Dallas area that are willing to offer second chance leases.

What you should know is that there are three types of apartments that one can rent in Dallas city and its environments. The first class is the rent-regulated housing where all the lease renewals and rent adjustments are regulated and controlled by existing laws. The second class includes the market-rate housing where the issues of renewals and rent payments are negotiated between the tenant and the landlord and are usually controlled by forces of demand and supply. Subsidized housing is the last class of apartments that you will find in Dallas as is the case in most cities in the country. In subsidized housing, occupancy is controlled by the law and the government (taxpayers) may or may not supplement the rents. Several government-subsidized properties are mixed with market rate apartments. The rental rates they charge are adjusted according to your family’s income.

A broken lease simply means that you abandoned the lease terms without consulting or involving the landlord and a balance is still owed. Additional balances can be added to your credit for such things as damages and cleaning fees. If your purchasing your water for utilities to the properties there may be additional balances. Often the rental debt can be several thousand dollars making it difficult for most people to pay off. Rental debts and balances are nearly always sent to a debt collection agency. They will always submit the balances to the credit bureaus as a collection. This’ll always show up on any future credit checks until the balance is paid off and removed credit bureaus. Unpaid rental debts will stay on the credit reports for a minimum of seven years. For the next seven years people with rental debts on credit will always have a difficult time finding apartments in Dallas willing to accept her application

 An eviction in Dallas is when the apartments are landlords decide to terminate the lease agreement and seek a legal order to repossess the property. Do whatever you can to avoid having an eviction filed. The simple act having an eviction filed on you can be extremely detrimental to your ability to lease future apartments in the Dallas area for seven years. It can be very harmful to your future ability to be approved for apartments even if the eviction is dismissed. Evictions are considered much more serious than broken lease due to the fact the apartment complex or landlord took the time to go file an eviction, spin the $100 to $200 in filing fees and then schedule a date for a court hearing. Then they spend more time out of their day attending an eviction hearing. The apartments or landlords are actually losing more money than if the resident simply vacated lease and allowed owner to repossess the property without any legal procedures. Apartments and landlords often employ an attorney for eviction hearings. This simply adds to their expense and the seriousness of the eviction. The additional expenses of hiring an attorney are often added to the judgment. Judgments are the same as balances still owed to the landlord or apartments. Judgments along with added expenses for attorneys are often sent to collection agencies who report them to the credit bureaus. Because of the serious nature of eviction there are fewer opportunities for second chance Dallas rentals that will accept your application. Not all evictions are legitimate. It is always advisable to review your rights on the Texas Attorney General’s website. The website provides an extensive list of options for tenants. You may also want to consult an attorney who specializes landlord disputes.

Dallas Apartment Locators understand that broken lease agreements and evictions will have a negative impact securing future leasing opportunities in the Dallas area. Just give us a few minutes of your time so we can provide you with all the possible second chance rentals in the Dallas area willing to approve your application. If he had a broken lease, bad credit, eviction or any sort of a misdemeanor or felony we are here to simply remove the barriers preventing you from finding decent 2nd chance apartments near you in the Dallas area.


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