Houston Broken Leases
Do you have a dream apartment you are hoping to rent, but are worried that your poor rental or credit history will prevent you from being approved? Is it preventing you from even searching for an apartment because you can’t handle any more rejections from possible landlords?
It is true that true evictions, late payments, or broken leases can show up on credit reports and have a negative impact on your score. Many people find themselves in situations where issues from the past prevent them from obtaining the apartment of their choice. Instead of being exciting, poor credit history can turn your search for an apartment into a frustrating, complicated, disappointing process.

Fortunately, you don’t need to get discouraged. Here in Houston, our Locators have helped countless individuals locate their dream apartment. Our locating services are free and we would love the chance to assist you in finding the apartment you’ve always wanted.

Apartments in Houston

Houston has the fourth highest population – 2.3 million people – in the entire United States. It is the largest city in the South and also the largest city in Texas. Being such a large city, there are numerous apartments and rental properties available – and we are skilled at finding them for you.

The only issue is that, despite the sheer number of rental possibilities, the majority of landlords refuse to rent to individuals with poor credit history or rental issues. This can turn apartment hunting into a stressful, time-consuming ordeal. Houston Broken Leases consists of skilled apartment finders that are prepared to help you locate the ideal apartment, despite your situation or credit history. We offer our services for free and never surprise you with any fees!

The Three Types of Rental Housing

Three different rental housing categories exist within the Houston rental market. These three types include:

1. Rent Regulated Housing – This type of housing regulates any rent adjustments and lease renewals by law.

2. Market Rate Housing – In this category, rent and lease renewals are negotiated between the tenant and the landlord.

3. Subsidized Housing – In terms of occupancy, this category is governed by law. Rent may or may not be supplemented by various government programs.

Each of these three categories offers pros and cons.

Houston Broken Lease and Houston Evictions

Whether it’s a broken lease or an eviction, each of these scenarious can have a negative impact in terms of obtaining an apartment in Houston. Below is a breakdown of each of these situations.

Houston Broken Lease – A broken lease occurs when a tenant breaks a signed lease agreement without permission from the landlord. This leaves the leasing terms essentially abandoned.

Breaking a Houston rental agreement is a serious infraction and will most likely have a negative effect on your tenant rating. This can prevent you from obtaining the apartment of your choice in the future. If you broke a lease in Houston, the record of it can remain in the tenant/landlord reporting database for up to 7 years.

Houston Evictions – An eviction occurs when a tenant’s actions cause the landlord to prematurely terminate the lease and make the tenant leave. The most common reason tenants get evicted is because they were not paying rent.

An eviction forces the tenant to leave the apartment based on a court-ordered document. Houston evictions, as well as elsewhere, involve a legal process that a judge must preside over in court. To protect yourself as a tenant, it is recommended to consult with a Houston eviction attorney if a landlord gives you a notice of evictions.

Find An Apartment – Regardless of Your Credit History

Regardless of your situation, credit history, or financial standing, Houston Broken Leases can assist you in obtaining your desired apartment. We try to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible. Our service is free! We take as much of the stress and confusion out of the apartment hunting process as possible. We enjoy helping our clients save time, no matter what your rental history or credit report shows.

Our Apartment Search Database

In our extensive database, we have access to hundreds of apartment complexes and independent landlords throughout the city of Houston. Once we determine your specific requirements and needs, we get to work right away to find as many options as possible for you.

If your credit rating or history is poor, or if you have a broken lease or eviction in Houston, we are here to help! We take pride in helping our clients navigate the process of finding an apartment, even if their credit situation is less than ideal.

Get Accepted Regardless of Your Situation

Many people assume that poor credit, no credit, a history of broken leases, evictions, or foreclosures will prevent them from ever getting the apartment of their dreams. Fortunately, that is not the case!

If you are interested in getting started, begin by filling out our short form and submitting it. Our specialists will then get right to work, searching all over Houston for apartments that fit your needs. A Houston Locator will then contact you with a list of potential Houston apartments that match your needs! The entire process is simple, quick, and convenient.

We look forward to helping you find the apartment of your dreams!