Can I still get an Apartment with a Broken Lease on my Record?

Two of the main reasons landlords deny potential renters is because because of bad credit histories and for having a broken lease on their records. Viable explanations and credit repair services rectify a credit history. However, can you still get an apartment with a broken lease on file? The answer is yes, you can.
What are Second Chance Apartments?

Second chance apartments are apartment complexes that wish to help provide housing by offering apartments to people with bad rental histories. They acknowledge that people deserve a safe home, and some people do deserve a second chance. Beside breaking a lease, some of the situations that may steer you towards this type of housing include:

Inability to pay past rent
Poor credit scores
They try very hard to understand that second chances are something that most renters deserve.

The Application Process

In addition to filling out a application for rental consideration, second chance landlords may also require a written explanation as to why you broke your lease. Moreover, they may require you to show proof that you are making financial amends for any financial loss that your prior landlord suffered as a result. Finally, if financial problems are the reason you broke a prior lease, you may be required to prove that these financial problems are resolved.

A Higher Deposit?

Finally, apartments that offer second chances may require new renters with bad credit history to pay a higher deposit than those with a good one. This helps the second chance landlords to ensure that some of any financial loss is covered in the event the at-risk renter breaks the lease, again.

At-risk renters often run into difficulties finding apartment complexes willing to take the chance of renting to them due to the threat of potential financial loss. Many who are searching for apartments believe that there is no way for them to get another apartment in their name after breaking a lease. If you are in this situation, check with the apartments who do offer second chances to at-risk renters to increase your chances of approval.

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